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Welcome to the Japanese Railway Society (JRS)

The Japanese Railway Society (JRS) was founded in 1991 in London to promote the knowledge of the
railways of Japan in the UK & other non-Japanese-speaking parts of the world. Since 1991, there have
been several activities like exhibitions (also of railway models), a TV-show (on Naruhodo The World, Fuji TV),
many meetings in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and many guided tours to and meetings in Japan.
Our membership is now more than 200 people in over 10 countries worldwide.

   What's New ?

  • The agenda & proxy voting form (pdf) for our AGM on 28th May 2016 maybe found HERE.
  • We have a new membership form covering all regions, replacing our previous regional versions available HERE.

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    December 2014 edition
    By Anthony Robins

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    Book Review: Japan's Colourful Tramways * Local Wrapping Trains * Livery Issues * The Origin of 1,067 mm gauge *
    EE Drum Conttroller & Wally Higgins * Hiroshima to Nagasaki (2) * Model-in: Exhibition Calendar * Modelling Notes *
    JRS Vets Mini Tour to the Netherlands * Japan Railway Journal * Annual General Meeding Agenda

Photos of the Month

This month we continue our look at the tramways in the Kansai from the collection of Oliver Mayer. This
collection comes from a visit to the Hankai Tramway in Southern Ōsaka.

All taken on 8th October 2007.

Tram 605 at Sumiyoshi, a tram junction and tram stop, on its way from Sumiyoshi-Kōen to
Tennōji-ekimae. On the left is the short line to Sumiyoshi-Kōen stop, just beside Nankai’s
Sumiyoshi-Taisha station. This short line was closed at the end of January 2016.

Tram 601 at Sumiyoshi, on a service from Tennōji-ekimae to Abikomichi.

Tram 354 at Sumiyoshi-Torii-mae, bound for Hamadera-ekimae.
Photo of the Month Archive

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