The Vintage EMU Kumoha 42

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By Kenneth Lin

Side view of Kumoha #42006 A side view of Kumoha #42-006, showing a close up of the DT12 type truck.

Awaiting a return working at Nagato-Motoyama With fresh morning dew evaporating from the surrounding fields, Kumoha 42 enjoys a quiet morning interlude at the end of the line, Nagato-Motoyama Station.

View of Nagato-Motoyama terminus View of Nagato-Motoyama terminal, a very simple station. The small building adjacent the platform is a station toilet. There are no toilets aboard the Kumoha 42. Before embarking upon the long 8 minute journey to Suzumeda, passengers are advised to take advantage of the station facilities while they can.

Nagato-Motoyama terminus Another view of Nagato-Motoyama Station, this time from the north.

The cab front of the Kumoha #42006 Exterior view of the cab of Kumoha #42-006.

The cab front with a through door Fitting the Kumoha 42 with through gangways and car end doors at both ends of the railcar was an innovative design feature in 1933.

At Suzumeda station With its heavyweight, unstreamlined appearance consisting of sash windows, riveted carbody sides and chocolate brown livery, the Kumoha 42 not only transports passengers to Nagato-Motoyama, but also back in time to pre-war days.

For railfans from the United States, the Kumoha 42 often conjures images of nostalgia for interurbans which used to lace the country. Alas they are just a memory, but its distant relatives still ply the rails here.

Taking a rest at Suzumeda staion Resting at Suzemeda Station. The track stretching away and behind Kumoha #42-006 is the Onoda Line. Suzemeda Station is the interchange station for the Onoda Line. For railfans arriving by mainline train from distant cities such as Tokyo or Osaka, this is often their first view of the beloved Kumoha 42.

Rattling along rice paddies Once upon a time the Kumoha 42 connected distant cities. Today it conveys passengers in pre-war ambience on only 2.8 kilometers of track. But, as it rattles along the harvested rice paddies at sunset, it retains a certain timeless quality. It is in the sunset of its life, ride it while you can!

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