The entrance of the Sakuma Rail Park

Located near Chubu Tenryu on JR's Iida Line and opened in April 1991, it was JR Tokai's collection of historic stock until 2009 when it closed and was replaced by the 'SCMaglev and Railway Park' in the Port of Nagoya area in 2011.

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Sakuma Rail Park

An article by Anthony Robins, detailing the exhibits at this now closed museum. This Museum closed in 2009, and was replaced by the 'SCMaglev and Railway Park' in the Port of Nagoya area in 2011.

ED11 2

Built by General Electric (US) in 1923 and was used for the Tokyo-Kozu segment on the Tokaido Main Line, as numbered 1011. Click here to see the name plate and builder's plate.

ED62 14

Converted from ED61 16, built by Toshiba in 1959, others of this class still operate short freight trains at the top end of the Iida Line.

Kumoha 12 054
Kumoha 12 054

Ex-Moha 30 built by Nippon Sharyo in 1931 (17m length). A type which particularly operated on the Chuo Lines out of Tokyo.

Kumoha 52 004
Kumoha 12 054

Built by Kawasaki in 1937 and operated semi-fasts between Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe (20m length).

Suni 3095 baggage car
Suni 30 baggage car

Working car Sue 36500, ex-baggage-car Suni 30, built by Osaka Tekko in 1929 (17m length). This car derived from series Oha 31 coach and represents the JNR's first steal-made passenger stock.

Ohafu 33115 third class coach
Ohafu 33 coach

Ex-Suhafu 34834 coach with a conductor cabin, built in 1939 by Kawasaki. Derived from Oha 35, the first 20m length standrad coach. A red stripe below the windows represents the third class coach. The red stripe practice was abandoned in 1940.

Kiha 181-1

Built by Fuji Heavy Industries in 1968. Fastest diesel 'limited express' type at 120 kms/hr.

Kiha 48030

JNR's first modern DMU equipped with a hydraulic transmission, built in 1956. Became the standard model of JNR's diesel rail cars in the late 50s through the 60s.

Kuha 165-1
Built by Kinki Sharyo in 1957 and converted from a type 153 to a departmental vehicle in 1974.

Kuha 111-1
Built by Nippon Sharyo in 1962 and part of a huge class (plus derivatives 113/115) which is still in widespread use.

There were also several carriages and modern EMUs on the site. Most of these were incorporated into the SCMaglev and Railway Park when it opened in 2011.

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