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JRS Photos of the Month May 2024

Kyōto Tango Railway

The Kyōto Tango Railway was formerly known as the Kita Kini Tango Railway, a third sector operator which comprised the former JNR line between Nishi Maizuru & Toyooka, and the then uncompleted Miyafuku Line from Fukuchiyama to Miyazu. In 2015 a reorganisation of the railway saw the operation of the trains hived off to Willer Trains, a subsidiary of Willer Coaches (a long distance bus company) while the Kita Kinki Railway retained ownership of the track and vehicles.

All photos: Anthony Leith


The Kyōto Tango Railway have receintly aquired a number of former JR Tōkai Ki Ha 85 Limited Express DMU's made surplus by their acquisition of HC85's for their non-electrified main lines. KTR started operating these from March 2024 on their Tango Relay Service. A stabled set was seen at Nishi Maizuru on 25th August 2023.

The Miyafuku Line's southern terminus is within JR West's Fukuchiyama Station. Vehicles operated on the line are split between JR West's electrified stock and KTR's Diesel Railcars. KTR 305 and a JR West 113 series were waiting for their next duties on the very hot afternoon of 25th August 2023.

The Tango Relay service operates as a limited express between Fukuchiyama and Amino. West of Amino, it operates as a Rapid (Kaisoku) where no additional supplement is required. KTR8011-8012 "Tango no Umi" were ready to depart from Amino for Fukuchiyama on the 26th August 2023.

Photo of the Month Archive

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