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JRS Photos of the Month January 2024

Snow in the railways of Tōkyo

Every few years in winter, Tōkyō receives snowfall of 10 to 20 centimeters. On such occasions, railways of Tōkyō which are normally regarded as punctual become subject to delays and suspensions due to the difficulties of operating trains in an unusual situation.

All Photos: Masataka Isashiki

The E233 train on the JR Keihin Tōhoku line waits for the departure at Hamamatsuchō station in the evening rush hour. It was delayed and very crowded by commuters going home earlier because the service was suspended earlier than normal. 22nd January 2018.

E233 train on the Saikyō line passes Gotanda station the next sunny day after the snow. 23rd January 2018.

The series 7000 train of the Tokyu Ikegami line departs Senzokuike station. 6th January 2022.

Photo of the Month Archive

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