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JRS Photos of the Month November 2023

Utsunomiya Light Rail

The Utsunomiya Light Railway, also known as Haga Utsunomiya LRT, is the first new tramway built in Japan in 75 years. After 7 years of construction, it opened for traffic on the 26th August 2023. It runs east from JR East's Utsunomiya Station, to Haga Takanezawa Industrial Park about 15 kilometres away. It provides a much needed public transport option to an area not served by a heavy railway and one choked by traffic and poor bus services.

Billy Bunda paid a visit to the system on the 15th October 2023 and has shared his photos for this month.

All Photos taken by Billy Bunda on 15th October 2023


The terminus at Utsunomiya station.

Near Ekihigashi Park station the line runs within the street, but segregated from car traffic.

The bridge across the Kinugawa River is the most impressive construction.

Tobiyama Castle site station is surrounded by rice fields.

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