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JRS Photos of the Month July 2023

JR Freight at Shin Koiwa

Shin Koiwa is on the Sōbu Main Line 10 kilometers east of Tōkyō. This month, a selection of 3 pictures of the two evening freight trains through Shin Koiwa yard. Shin Koiwa only has a handful of freight trains a day mostly from Kamisu Freight Terminal on the Kashima Rinkai Railway and from Chiba Freight on the Keiyō Rinkai Railway in Chiba Port. The trains need to reverse direction at Shin Koiwa so there is a little more interest as the locomotives run-around their trains.

All Photos: David Dibben, 20th July 2022.


EF65-2086 waits from departure with train 1092 from Kamisu to Koshigaya.

EF65-2068 & EF65-2086 wait departure with trains 1090 & 1092 respectively.

EF65-2068 waits from departure with train 1090 from Chiba Freight to Sumidagawa.

Photo of the Month Archive

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