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JRS Photos of the Month October 2020

JR East Tsurumi Line

The Tsurumi Line serves the waterside industrial area of Kawasaki and Yokohama cities not far from Tōkyō. Although route kilometres it is only 10.3 km (6.4miles)in length, it has 2 short branches and 4 terminal stations and takes about 1½ hrs to travel the whole line, which can only be done during the rush hours. All passenger services are operated by 3 car 205-1100 series (ex- Yamanote line 205-0 series).

All photos: Stephen Turner

P7202026 Tsurumi 2009 POTM.jpg

Tsurumi Station. This picture was taken in 2009 and shows one of the first 205-1100 series trains. The Tsurumi Line has its own platform on a higher level to the Keihin Tōhoku Line. The Tsurumi Line crosses over the Tōkaidō Main Line, Tōkaidō Freight Line and Keikyū Line shortly after leaving Tsurumi.The head board is for the "2009 Yokohama-Kanagawa Destination Campaign” run by JR East with Yokohama City & Kanagawa Prefecture. 20th July 2009.

DSC_6288 Ogimachi (POTM).jpg
Ōgimachi Station. Ii is the furthest terminus from Tsurumi (7km) on the “main route”. Some of the freight lines on the right of the picture appear to still be in use running to sidings beyond the station. 30th September 2020.

DSC_6291 Okawa (POTM).jpg
Ōkawa Station. This station is at the end of a short 1.6km branch. As the picture shows the freight lines in the area have long been disused. Ōkawa station only has services in the Morning rush hour (4 on weekdays, 2 on Saturdays and holidays) and evening rush hour (5 weekdays and 1 on Saturday and holidays). 30th September 2020.

DSC_6309 Umi Shibaura (POTM).jpg
Umi Shibaura Station as the name suggests is right next to the sea (umi=sea) and is at the end of a 1.7km branch. It is situation within the large Toshiba facility, but because of the view of Tōkyō Bay & Yokohama Bay Bridge does attract some “tourist” traffic. Before arriving at Umi Shibaura station there is some interesting freight lines (disused?) that branch off this line and cross, unguarded, to the Toshiba factory. 30th September 2020.

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