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JRS Photos of the Month May 2020

Nahanefu 22 1007

“Nahanefu22 1007” is a 20 series sleeping car constructed in 1965 and was attached as the rear vehicle of many Limited Express Blue Train's such as the Yuzuru, and Asakaze, the latter once offering a standard of accommodation making it a travelling hotel. Originally numbered as Nahanefu 22 7, modifications were made during 1977 to make it compatible with 12 Series coaching stock and it was renumbered in the 1000 sub class. It ended service just prior to the break-up of the Japanese National Railways (JNR) in early 1987, ownership passing to JR Kyūshū after privatisation.

In 1990, the sleeping car was added as an exhibit to Kaizuka Park, in the northern suburbs of Fukuoka, adjacent to the similarly named subway station.

Being exposed to the elements for 27 years took its toll on the condition of the car, prompting JRS member Ryu Takahashi to invest his own time and money to campaign for the restoration of the vehicle.

With the assistance of the Japanese Railway Society, and through Takahashi-San's crowd funding
efforts and working with the City of Fukuoka and JR Kyūshū (who still own the coach), the restoration work was finally completed in March 2020.

Our photos this month show the condition of the car before and after the restoration work.


Before - 9th June 2019.

After - 30th March 2020.

Before - 9th June 2019.

After - 30th March 2020.

Photo of the Month Archive

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