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JRS Photos of the Month March 2020

JR West's Okayama Branch

JR West's Okayama Branch covers the cross roads of the Chūgoku region, with routes towards all compass points including the route to Shikoku, the smallest of Japan's home islands, across the Great Seto Bridge (Seto Ōhashi). Taking a journey from Okayama on the classic 1067mm gauge network will more than likely be operated by legacy JNR rolling stock, the branch being one of the largest operators. On a recent day excursion, JRS member Jiro Kakihara caputured some scenes of the classic JNR rolling stock in service in the Okayama area.

All Photos: Jiro Kakihara, taken 10th February 2020.

KIHA 40-2082 at Tsuyama Station

Series 115-1000 G-08 set, KUMOHA114-1118 at Niimi Station

Series 213 C-11 set, KUMOHA213-12 at Niimi Station. Series 213 were the last EMUs ordered by the JNR. They were originally used on the "Marine Liner” service across the Seto Ōhashi from when the bridge opened in 1988 before being relegated by JR West's 223 series in 2003.

Photo of the Month Archive

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