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JRS Photos of the Month September 2019

Toyama Chiho Tetsudo

The Toyama Chiho Tetsudo is a private electrified railway system in Toyama prefecture, which operates the city's tramway system (excluding the Port Tram light railway) and 3 railway lines connecting Toyama city, Tateyama and Unazuki Onsen. Tateyama allows connections to the famous 'Alpine Route' across the mountains to Nagano prefecture, while Unazuki Onsen allows connections to the scenic Kurobe Gorge Railway. This month we take a look at a few scenes from the railway operation.

All Photos: Anthony Leith


14760 series EMU seen arriving at Dentetsu-Toyama, 8th June 2019.

4 car 16010 express EMU seen stabled at Inarimachi Depot, 8th June 2019. These sets originally saw service with Seibu as their 5000 series on Limited Express runs to Chichibu.

A 10030 series EMU was seen arriving at Namerikawa in parallel with third-sector railway operator Ainokaze Toyama Railway's former JR West 521 series EMU. The Toyama Chiho Railway's Main Line parallels the former Hokuriku Main Line for around 10kms. 9th June 2019.

Photo of the Month Archive

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