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JRS Photos of the Month February 2019

From the vault - Shinkansen 100 Series

The 100 series Shinkansen stock were the third development of high speed stock for the high speed network by JNR, and the last development which offered dining car service. They operated over the full length of the Tōkaido-Sanyō route from 1984 - 2003. They finished their days with JR West, operating the all stations Kodama services on the Sanyō Shinkansen in 2012.

All Photos: Alex Morley

This 100 series unit was seen departing Hamamatsu with an eastbound service to Tōkyō on 2nd April 1998. The double-deck dining car can be seen in the extreme right of shot.

This 100 series set was seen arriving at Hakata-Minami on 28th March 2003. By this time the 100's were no longer providing front line service on the fastest runs, the dining cars had been removed from service and some sets not withdrawn were drastically reduced in length to 4 cars such as the set depicted above.

This 100 series was seen at Shin Yamaguchi with the 14:45 Okayama – Hakata on 21st March 2011. The units remaining in service to the end were treated with a unique liverly by JR West dubbed the 'Kodama' livery.

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