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JRS Photos of the Month August 2019

101 Series Trams

The 101st issue of our magazine, Bullet-In, features type 101 trams and trains. The only 101 series trams in Japan are the Randen (Keifuku) trams in western Kyoto, of which cars #101 to 106 exist, all built in 1975. All other trams in Japan that are numbered 101 do actually belong to a series 100, as does the Kagoshima tram #101.


Randen #105 near Uzumasa-Koryuji, 30th July 2016. Photo: Oliver Mayer

Randen #102 at Uzumasa-Koryuji, on 25th May 2018. Photo: Andy Phipps

Kagoshima #101 (rebuilt from #616 in 2012) at Kagoshima-eki-mae, 10th October 2017. Photo: Oliver Mayer

Photo of the Month Archive

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