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JRS Photos of the Month September 2016

Now that all the Blue Train services have been retired, the only regular locomotive hauled trains most people are likely to see are the JR Freight trains, aside from the new cruising trains and occasional Steam or Diesel excursions in various parts of the country. This month we take a look at JR Freight from a few years ago.

All photos by Anthony Leith

EF 210-16 lead a container train eastbound along the Tōkaidō Main Line through Kyōto on 4th July 2010

EH 200-17 negotiated the point work at Kōfu Station while heading westbound on the Chūō Main Line on 10th September 2010

EF 65-1095 passed through Narita Station while also at the head of a container train on 25th June 2011

Photo of the Month Archive

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