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JRS Photos of the Month November 2016

JR West have recently announced their intention to close - from March 2018 - the 108 kilometre long Sankō Line which links Gōtsu on the San'in Main Line with Miyoshi, a 3 way junction with Geibi & Fukuen Lines. The centre section between Hamahara & Kuchiba was only completed in late August 1975, and could be considered a demonstration of just how money wasted by the former Japanese National Railways as this section is built to main line standards - similar to those such as the Kosei Line completed in the same era - where seemingly no expense was spared. If closed, it will be the longest strech of railway on Honshū to be closed in one go. This months photos are from our recent Veterans Tour visit to the line.

The scene at Kuchiba Station, with snowplough in the siding, 28th September 2016. Photo: Anthony Leith

Iwami-Yanaze's rustic station building. 28th September 2016. Photo: Alex Morley

A coupled pair of Ki Ha 120 DMU's layover during the long break at Iwami Kawamoto on the journey northbound towards Gōtsu. The largest settlement along the Sankō Line (just under 4000 residents), it will be left without rail access when the line closes. Photo: Alex Morley

Photo of the Month Archive

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