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JRS Photos of the Month June 2016

This month we look into the vault of Oliver Mayer's collection of photo's from Nagoya's Meitetsu Railway. 

Meitetsu 6750 series (1986-2011) on a Seto line local service to Sakae-machi, taken at Shimizu station on 13th March 2004.

Meitetsu Panorama DX 8800 series (1984-2005), on a limited express service from Saya to Kira-Yoshida, between Kida and Shippō stations on the Tsushima line. 22nd January 2005.

Meitetsu Panorama 7000 series (1961-2009). Although this set (7011) has a white band indicating a limited express service, it operates on a local service from Higashi-Okazaki to Iwakura. Trains with such a white band were a regular sight in the 1980s and 1990s, and then again just for the last months of service. Fujimatsu station, 2nd December 2008.

Photo of the Month Archive

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