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JRS Photos of the Month July 2016

This month we take a look at a selection of photo's from Hiroshi Naito who recently paid a visit to Matsuyama, in the West of Shikoku.

All photos taken 28th May 2016

A tram car rumbling over a level crossing with the heavy railway line at Ōtemachi in Matsuyama on Shikoku. Both the street running tramway and heavy railway line are operated by a private railway of the Iyo Railway which serves the vicinity of Matsuyma City.

A fake steam train named 'Bocchan Train' rolling down the main street in downtown Matsuyama. The fake steam, 0-4-0 Tank, is a replica of a German Krauss, which once upon a time in the Meiji era around 1888, served a light railway in Matsuyama, the predecessor of the current Iyo Railway. ‘Bocchan’, meaning a young master, is the title of a novel by a famous author Natsume Soseki, who wrote this novel based on his personal experience in Matsuyama as a teacher of the city’s middle school. The novel was published in 1906.

An ex-Keio 3000 series set of the Iyo Railway passing over the level crossing again at Ōtemachi.

Photo of the Month Archive

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