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JRS Photos of the Month for September 2015

This month we take a look at a few scenes from the
recent past which were once common but are now
just a memory.

All photos by Anthony Leith

A blue liveried 201 series unit was seen passing through
Shin-Kiba station on the Keiyō Line on 29/08/2008.

KiHa 52 156 was seen at Minami-Otari preparing for departure
for Itoigawa on 22/08/2009. These venerable units were withdrawn
from service in the March 2010 timetable alterations and their
well known brick stabling shed at Itoigawa was demolished to make
way for the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Now completed, the new Itoigawa
station building features a tribute to both the KiHa 52 units and their
demolished brick shed.

A 2 car KiHa 75 series DMU was seen at Taketoyo Station, the final
station on the similarly name line which branches from the Tōkaidō
Main Line at Ōbu. Seen on 19/06/2010, this service ran through to Nagoya.
Electrification of this branch line was completed on 1st M
arch 2015.

Photo of the Month Archive

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