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JRS Photos of the Month November 2015

Our photo's this month are all from the Kyōto area from the collection of Oliver Mayer.

Kyōto City Tram Square (Shiden Hiroba) within Umekōji Park, close to Umekōji Railway Museum.
A total of 8 former
Kyōto city trams are preserved in this park. This photo shows the central part
with trams 505 and 703, and 1605 and 890 in the background on the 19th May 2014.

A Kyōto city tram in the Toei Kyōto Studio Park (Toei Uzumasa Eiga-mura), however not an original tram,
but a replica. Nevertheless, it fits in very well into the studio park’s historic “Meiji Street”.

The Umekōji Steam Locomotive Museum closed at the end of August 2015, but it will reopen as a
part of the new
Kyōto Railway Museum in March 2016. This photo from 27th August 2015 shows
all steam locomotives with special flags to commemorate the closure, with class 7100 ‘Yoshitsune’
on the left. The new museum will combine the collection of the current museum with that from the
former Bentenchō museum in Ōsaka.

Photo of the Month Archive

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