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JRS Photos of the Month for May 2015

Until recently, JR West has been an operator that had a preference for overhauled
JNR stock instead of new equipment. With orders for new stock on the Ōsaka Loop
Line now in place, we take a look at the recent past at scenes depicting some of
the classic JNR stock still hard at work.

All photos: Anthony Leith

Once common on both Tōkyō & Nagoya area suburban services, the 103 series
are still in regular service today on the Ōsaka Loop Line, such as this set seen
here arriving at Taishō in the early morning of Sunday 14th December 2008. Orders
for new-build 323 series EMU's have recently been announced as replacements for
these units with deliveries commencing in 2016.

The surviving 201 series on the Ōsaka Loop Line will also be replaced by the recently
ordered new build 323 series. While this scene may look identical to somewhere on
the JR East Chūō Main Line, this set is seen departing Bentenchō on an 'inner-circle'
Ōsaka Loop Line service on Sunday 1st August 2010.

The recent orders for new EMU stock haven't specifically mentioned replacements for
the green liveried Nara & Yamatoji Line 103's but with the cascading of newer sets
that is likely to happen when new stock is delivered it's safe to presume that their time is
also limited. This 103 series set is seen here arriving at Kizu on the Nara Line on the warm
summer morning of Saturday 19th July 2009.

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