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JRS Photos of the Month for March 2015

This we commemorate the last runs of both the Hokutosei &
the Twilight Express with a greater selection of photos. Both
these services will cease from the 14th of March.

The illuminated sign above one of the the sleeping car doors on
the Hokotosei, whilst standing at Sapporo awaiting departure for
Ueno on the late afternoon of 10/08/2014.
Photo: John Cowburn

At around 21:45 on the evening of 10/08/2014, ED79 20
couples up to the stock of the Hokutosei at at Hakodate prior to
working the train through the Seikan tunnel to Aomori. The platform
was something of a circus of photographers even at this time!

Photo: John Cowburn.

Only a few years old, EF510 514 in ‘Hokutosei’ livery loco is
waiting for the northbound departure for Sapporo from Ueno
12/11/2014. Some of these new generation JR East
locomotives are being transferred to JR Freight for new freight
assignments along the Trans-Sea of Japan lines.
Photo: Kiyoshi Jinno

The End of the ‘Blue Trains’ also means the end of the ‘Push Train’
between Oku depot and Ueno Station. The number of spectators at
Ueno has grew to significant numbers before the ‘Last run’. 12/11/2014
Photo: Kiyoshi Jinno

The northbound Twilight Express paused
on 02/06/2011 at Takaoka.
Photo: Anthony Leith.

ED79-9 had just been attached to the Southbound
Twilight Express at Goryokaku on 25/05/2014. This
station saw the direction of the train reverse, and locomotive
exchange between the DD51 diesels from Sapporo for the
ED79 AC electric locomotives to work the trains through the
Seikan Tunnel between Hokkaidō & Honshū.

Photo: Anthony Leith

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