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JRS Photos of the Month for June 2015

This month's photos depict rail activities in the 
Tōhoku area during Golden Week in early May.

All photos: Anthony Robins

On 3rd May 2015 we see Minmaya, the terminus of the
Tsugaru Line which is right at the top of Honshū. The
train on the left is the seasonal 'Resort Asunaro' which
had a long layover here. A more typical KiHa 40 awaits
departure for Kanita.

The KiHa 110 based 'Tōhoku Emotion' set is a dining train
with onboard chef. It is only available for passengers on
bookings with travel agencies. It operates along the
Hachinohe Line from Hachinohe to Kuji, where it is seen
on 4
th May 2015.

Also on 4th May 2015, we see a Sanriku Railway set depart from
Kuji for Miyako. Fully reopened for a year after heavy damage
from the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, this train
is headed by a retro style car whose funding was supported
by Kuwait.

Photo of the Month Archive

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