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JRS Photos of the Month for July 2015

This month we take a look at JR East's newest and the most 
northerly steam hauled excursion service in Japan, the SL Ginga.
All runs are operated by JNR locomotive C58 239 & 4 rebuilt former
KiHa 141 series DMU's which still have their diesel engines installed.

On 5th May C58 239 is at the head of the 'SL Ginga' at
Hanamaki for its leisurely run to Kamaishi. Accommodation
is provided by revamped JR Hokkaido DMU stock, itself
rebuilt from hauled carriages. It will return from Kamaishi
on the following day. Photo - Anthony Robins.

C58 239 is seen here departing Tōno on 19th June 2015.
Photo - Hiroshi Naito

C58 239 is seen here arriving at Dōsen on 20th June 2015.
Photo - Hiroshi Naito

Photo of the Month Archive

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