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JRS Photos of the Month December 2015

Kumamoto Dentetsu were the final operators of the former Tōkyū 'Green Frogs' (officially known as the
Tōkyū 5000 series) which finished service in Kumamoto in September of this year. These famous sets
concluded service in the Tōkyō area at Tōkyū in 1986. Kumamoto Dentetsu was the last of 6 other private
railways to use these uniquely styled units. This selection comes from the collection of Peter Dibben
captured on 25th May 2012 during that years' Veteran's Tour at which time only 2 cars remained in service.

The converted blunt end of car 5101A at Kita-Kumamoto, the junction station.

The original driving cab end of 5101A at Kami Kumamoto, the branch terminus.

The other green frog car 5102A having the day off in the yard at Kita Kumamoto alongside car 201A (ex Nankai)

Photo of the Month Archive

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