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JRS Photos of the Month for August 2015

Earlier this year as part of the March Daiya Kaisei,
the Ueno-Tokyo Line opened which consititutes the
re-establishment of the Tōhoku Main Lines between
Ueno & Tōkyō Stations. These lines were abandoned
as a through route in 1990 as construction of the

Tōhoku Shinkansen occupied much of the former
surface level narrow gauge right-of-way. The most significant
portion of this project is the flyover constructed in the viscinity
of Kanda Station where these new lines are above the
Tōhoku Shinkansen. Construction commenced in 2008
and opened for traffic this year resulting in fewer narrow gauge
trains terminating at Tōkyō & Ueno stations.

All photos by Alex Morley & taken 25th May 2015.

The view from the rear of a northbound service of the ramp
constructed from the Akihabara end. Immediately to the right
is the platform for southbound Keihin-Tōhoku Line trains.

A northbound Jōban Line E231 series on the newly restored link
is seen approaching Okachimachi. These communter services now
commence from Shinagawa where several platforms in the centre of
the station which laid largely un-used for many years have been converted
into terminal roads for
Jōban Line services.

Also at Okachimachi, a southbound E233 series is seen entering
the Ueno-Tōkyō Line which formed a Tōkaidō Line service on its
departure from Tōkyō. These Shōnan livieried sets now operate
through service on two routes through Central
Tōkyō on their way
from the Tōhoku/Takasaki Lines to the
Tōkaidō Line. The other
route being the
Shōnan-Shinjuku route which operates parallel to the
estern side of the Yamanote Loop.

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