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JRS Photos of the Month for November 2014

This month's photo are an assortment from the collection
of Kiyoshi Jinno.

Hamakaze No.1 crossing the new concrete Amarube Bridge. The more
famous and arguably more striking steel construction remains in situ beside
the new structure. 18/08/2014

JR Tokai's Ki Ya 95 Inspection set paused at Nagoya on 04/09/2014. This 3 car
DMU performs similar inspections on the classic narrow gauge network to those
that the more well known 'Doctor Yellow' sets perform on the standard gauge
Shinkansen network.

A selection of commemorative beers on display at JR Takashimaya (a major
department store) in Nagoya. The special cans were produced by 4 of Japan's
major brewers (Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo & Suntory) to celebrate various achievements
for both JR Tokai & the Shinkansen system.

Photo of the Month Archive

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