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JRS Photo's of the Month for May 2014

This month's selection from Takuji Kudo feature scenes of Sakura in full 
bloom in the Kanagawa area south-west from Tōkyō. These photo's were
immensely popular on our Facebook page.

An Odakyū MSE 60000 series set operating a 'Limited Express Asagiri'
service at Yamakita on
05/04/2014.. This is a through service that commences
Odakyū's Shinjuku Terminal and runs from Matsuda to Gotemba on
on JR Tokai's Gotemba Line. This service formerly ran to Numazu until March 2012.

A JR Tokai 313 series on a local service on the Gotemba Line
pases beneath an archway of Sakura trees in full bloom. 05/04/2014.

A VSE 50000 series passing Hadano on Odakyū
Railway's Odawara Line on 06/04/2014.

Photo of the Month Archive

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