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JRS Photo's of the Month for March 2014

This month's from Kiyoshi Jinno showcase the changing of the guard on the Tohoku
Shinkansen, changes which will be much more noticible with Timetable
Alterations (Daiya Kaisei) coming into effect on the 15th of this month.

An E6 Shinkansen Set for the Akita 'Mini-Shinkansen awaiting departure from Morioka on 26/01/2014.
The E6's will take over the 'Komachi' services full time from this month.

An E5 & an E6 series set at Morioka prior to separation. The E5 set continued to Shin-Aomori soon after
the departure of the E6. 26/01/2014

Going, Going, Gone. A platform attendant observes an E3 set's departure from Morioka, a sight that will be gone from
this month with the removal of the E3's from the Komachi service.

Photo of the Month Archive

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