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January 2014

As winter descends upon the northern hemisphere, this month's photos feature scenes in the snow.

A JR Hokkaido 721 series EMU bound for Asahikawa awaits departure time at Otaru while passengers
from the KiHa 150 DMU from further along the Hakodate Main Line change platforms. 08/02/2010.

A Naoetsu bound JR East 115 series rounding the curves on the Jōetsu Line shortly before arrival at
Iwappara-Ski-jō-mae. This photograph was actually taken from the Ski slopes, the station name being slightly
misleading as it is not directly infront of this bubble-era resort. 22/03/2010.

This JR West 223 series EMU had just arrived at Maebara in the middle of a heavy snowfall. 16/01/2011.

All photos by Anthony Leith.

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