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"Photo of the Month" Archive October 1999

Mooka Railway steam hauled by C12325

A steam train on Mooka Railway behind a newly restored C11325, type C11 2-6-4 tank. The engine came back on rail last year, waking up after its 27 years sleep. The C11 now works regular passenger service on weekends between Shimodate and Motegi, 42 km. Photographed in September 1999 by Hiroshi Naito.

Electric locomotive at Shin-Kanaya on Oigawa Railway

A scene like you saw somewhere and some time a long time ago. But, this a real feature seen at Shin-Kanaya on the Oigawa Railway. The electric locomotive is ED101, type ED10, 45-ton 600 kw, built in 1949 by Mitsubishi. The locomotive works switching (shunting) operations at Shin-Kanaya where the line's depot is located, and occasionally on the main line as a helper behind a steam train. Photographed in September 1998 by Hiroshi Naito.

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