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"Photo of the Month" Archive December 1999

Odoriko Passing Mishima-Hirokoji

A JR through limited express Odoriko, series 185, is passing Mishima-Hirokoj, an intermediate station on Izu-Hakone Railway, a regional private rail service in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture. The station master watches the train goes by in his duty. The train is heading for Shuzenji, well known as a hot spring resort in the Izu-Hakone national park.
By Hiroshi Naito, October 1999.

Odakyu through Asagiri passing Yamakita

Limited express Asagiri from Odakyu Electric Railway (OER) is passing Yamakita station on the JR Gotemba Line. The Asagiri is OER to JR through service, running between Shinjuku/Tokyo and Numazu Shizuoka prefecture via Gotemba. The train offers panoramic views to passengers at both end cars.
By Hiroshi Naito, October 1999.

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