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"Photo of the Month" Archive April 1999

Superview Odoriko Series 251Series 251 in the Superview Odoriko (Dancer) service, rolling into Ofuna station. This series is exclusively used for this service between Tokyo and Izu Peninsula, known as a hot spring resort, located about 150 km southwest of Tokyo. The cab cars at both ends are double-decked, with the front car offering a splendid front view in Green Car class accommodation. This train runs at a top speed of 120 km/h.

A rubber-tired train on the Yurikamome line.A rubber-tired train on the Yurikamome (Seagull) line that runs along the newly developed Tokyo Waterfront. Train #23 in the photo is the latest version put into service last month. This train is seemingly on a test run, because a driver in position is seen in the cab. This line usually is operated in fully automated driver-less mode.

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