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April 2007

This month a couple of photos of Kyoto's Keihan Railway. Keihan operates a network between Kyoto and Osaka with express and local services. A special feature are the 'TV cars' with television sets mounted inside the cars.

tempstaff A local train carrying an advertising livery for the 'Tempstaff' temporary employment agency. This particular car is reserved for women only during peak hours.

farewell 1900 A common sight in Japan: When the service life of a certain type of train is at is's end it'is quite common the have commemorative badges on the particular type of train. Special 'Sayonara' runs usually mark the real 'end of the line'.

2829 Car # 2829 is one of the end cars of this local service.

8060 This express train carries Keihan's famous 'TV cars', with television sets as an extra service towards the travelling public. Car # 8060 forms the en of the train.

All photos by Colin Brown, taken at Yodoyabashi station 24th March 2006.

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