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 October 2005

This month a strong Nagoya flavour with two different Meitetsu trains.
First a 8800 class 'Panorama DX' unit, now withdrawn and second a
'Linimo' Maglev train for a new urban system. Later there will be an article on Meitetsu's
8800 units as well as an impression of a journey by Meitetsu. Watch this space!

Meitetsu Panorama DX unit, car # 8805 leading the formation at
Meitetsu-Nagoya station, on the 18.21 service to Kira-Yoshida.
Photo by Oliver Mayer 29 January 2005, the last day that the 8800s were
in regular service.

A 'Linimo' magnetic-levitation train for urban services. Not as fast as the
Maglev under test by JR-Central, but using the same principle.
Photo by Hiroshi Naito, March 2005.

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