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"Photo of the Month" Archive January 2004

Loco of Kurobe Canyon Railway

Kurobe Canyon Railway's center-cab loco EDS13, 15.2tons 140 kW, stands in a siding at Unazuki Onsen station. Built in 1957 by Hitachi, the loco has been serving this 762 mm gauge line running along the precipitous Kurobe river, which was originally built to transport materials to construct dams in the gorge.
November 2003, by Anthony Robins.

Yurakucho Line 7000 series

A Yurakucho Subway 7000 series EMU approaches Kawagoe station on the Tobu Tojo Line with an all-stations service from Shinkiba to Kawagoeshi. The Yurakucho Subway connects with the Tobu Tojo Line at Wakoshi station allowing interrunning.
August 2003, by Dave Fossett.

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