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"Photo of the Month" Archive December 2003


November 2000 was a time for changeover on Toyotetsu’s Atsumi Line between Toyohashi and Tahara. Typically using second-hand EMUs, the relatively briefly used ex-Meitetsu 7300s (right) were being replaced by ex-Tokyu sets (left). The latter are its type 1800, and were  formerly Tokyu’s 7200. They are seen at its Takashi Depot. 
By Anthony Robins.


The ex-Meitetsu 7300 were ‘Panorama’ type sets with large windows which reused older electrical equipment. Built by locally based Nippon Sharyo and introduced in 1997, 28 cars were moved to the Atsumi Line in 1997 when its voltage was increased from 600 volts to 1500 volts. However, their two doors’ per side and facing seat arrangement meant that they were not ideal for rush-hour use. 
By Anthony Robins.  

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