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"Photo of the Month" Archive October 2002

Series 185 Odoriko at Gotanda

A 185 series express EMU approaches Gotanda station in Tokyo on the Odoriko 173 service from Shinjuku to Izu in June 2002. This is the only Odoriko service to depart from Shinjuku rather than Tokyo station, and only runs at weekends.
By Dave Fossett.

Niigata Transport Moha-18 plus Kuha-45

Crossing a bridge over a tributary (artificial) of the great Shinano River in Niigata city was a train of the Niigata Kotsu Line (Niigata Transport) consisting of traction Moha-18 and control car Kuha 45. This charming traction built by Nippon-sharyo in 1962 was gone when the Niigata Kotsu was abondanded in 1999. Photographed by Oliver Mayer in October 1998.

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