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"Photo of the Month" Archive December 2002

Series 103 at Kawagoe

A type 103 train rolls into Kawagoe station, Saitama prefecture, located about 30 km northwest of Tokyo. This type was once common on commuter services in Tokyo, but later found its way to local lines on the outskirts of the Tokyo metropolitan area.
By Dave Fossett.

Okayama tram Momo

This new narrow-gauge low-floor LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) was introduced on the Okayama Electric Tramway in Okayama city in the summer of 2002. The Okayama Electric Tramway has two lines with a total distance of only 4.7 km, making it the shortest of all Japanese tramways, but it has nevertheless remained an active tramway in Japan over the decades. This car was made by Niigata Engineering, based on the Adtranz GT series and is named "Momo". This charming name, chosen by the public, literally means "peach" in Japanese, for which the Okayama area is famous.
By Kiyohito Utsunomiya in September 2002.

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