Steam Engine C11325 on Mooka Railway

By Hiroshi Naito

C11325 has been working in Mooka Railway's steam service since November 1998. It entered the Mooka's steam fleet after having been restored at JR Omiya workshop, requiring about one year. The C11325, type C11 2-6-4 tank, was built in 1946 by Nippon Sharyo and had worked until 1973 mostly for the national railway's passenger service on less-traveled branch lines.

Click here for the more detailed infromation about the Mooka Railway.

The photos below were taken in September 1999, when I revisited the Railway.

Staged on a siding at Siomodate

Staged on a siding at Siomodate station for the day's service.

Parked at Mooka station

Parked at Mooka station, the Railway's service center, for a brief stop.

Starting from a loop

Starting from a loop in upbound service.

The cab of the C11325

The cab of the C11325

Passing by a lonely loop

Passing a lonely loop. Taken from the steam train.

Meeting a railbus

Meeting a railbus in opposite direction at a loop

Came up to a turntable

Came up to a turntable to change direction for a return service at Motegi station, the line's end terminal

Changing direction on a turntable

Changing direction on a turntable.

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