JR Omiya Works Open Day - 25 May 2002

By Dave Fossett

The photos on this page were taken at Omiya Works Open Day held on 25 May 2002. Omiya Works is responsible for overhauling EMUs based in the Kanto area surrounding Tokyo. Work also includes overhaul and life extension refurbishment of electric locomotives for JR Freight, including EF64, EF65, and EF75 locomotives.

The works area is situated to the north of Omiya station, beneath the Tohoku/Joetsu Shinkansen elevated tracks. While it is normally only a 5-minute walk from the station, the popularity of the annual open day means the queue stretches right back to the front of Omiya station. Expect to queue for nearly an hour to get in before lunchtime.

Cabs from locos EF15168, EF6047, and EF6313

Preserved cab sections from withdrawn electric locos EF15168, EF6047, and EF6313.

E993 series ac train

JR East's E993 series experimental next-generation commuter train known as the "ac train". This train features a number of new concepts, including articulated coaches on shared bogies, and direct drive with motors mounted on the axles. Some of these features may be incorporated in the next-generation EMUs to be introduced on the Chuo Line.

485 series driver-training EMU

485 series "bonnet style" EMU now used as a 4-car driver-training unit. This train was formerly used on "Hitachi" limited express services.

Preserved electric loco ED171

Class ED17 Bo-Bo electric loco ED171 built in 1923 by English Electric. This loco was withdrawn in 1970, and has been recently restored at Omiya Works.

Preserved EMU car KuMoHa40074

Pre-war EMU car KuMoHa40074 now reserved for special events.

Preserved steam loco D51498

JR East's popular special event steam locomotive D51498 hauls a special shuttle service of 14 series coaches past the works area.

Preserved electric loco EF5889

Class EF58 2C-C2 electric loco EF5889 with "Sakura" train headboard. While most members of this class were withdrawn in the 1980s, this particular loco was used by JR East as a special event locomotive until it was finally withdrawn in 1999.

Electric loco EF651102

Freshly overhauled JR East EF651102 with "Fuji" train headboard.

Electric loco EH500-901

Class EH500 Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo dual voltage electric loco EH500-901 inside the works. This was the pre-production class EH500.

Withdrawn electric loco EF6559

Withdrawn class EF65 electric loco EF6559 inside the works.

Diesel loco DE101556

Class DE10 diesel loco DE101556 loco inside the works (for major overhaul/refurbishing/scrapping?).

Electric loco ED751026

Class ED75 Bo-Bo AC electric loco ED751026 inside the works after receiving life extension refurbishment. Refurbished locos are repainted in this livery from the standard all-over red.

Electric loco EF651036

Refurbished JR Freight Bo-Bo-Bo electric loco EF651036 in the process of being repainted inside the works.

Electric loco EF6415

Class EF64 Bo-Bo-Bo electric loco EF6415 inside the works following overhaul.

209 series EMU cars

Keihin-Tohoku Line 209 series EMU cars undergoing overhaul inside the works.

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