The JR Tsurumi Line
Photo Page

By Hiroshi Naito

Start signal of Tsurumi terminusThe start signal on the #3 track of Tsurumi terminus. The track ahead stretches along the viaduct.

A bounce of tracks of the Tokaido main lineA bunch of tracks of the Tokaido main line, Keihin-Tohoku commuter line, Yokosuka line and freight lines, with the viaduct of the Tsurumi line behind

Arcade under Kokudo elevated stationThe entrance of Kokudo station in the arcade under the elevated track of Kokudo station, which well conveys the feeling of the days of old Tsurumi Port Railway.

At Tsurumi-OnoAt Tsurumi-Ono

Bentembashi DepotThe line's Type 103 EMU fleet rest at Bentembashi depot.

Home signal of Hama-KawasakiHama-Kawasaki's up-bound home signal.

Inside Hama-Kawasaki yardInside Hama-Kawasaki yard. On the background is a diesel hydraulic engine DE10.

EF65 at Hama-Kawasaki yardAn EF65 electric locomotive taking a rest at Hama-Kawasaki yrad.

EF66 rolling down to Hama-Kawasaki yardAn EF66 electric locomotive rolling down towards Hama-Kawasaki yard on the Nambu-branch line.

A cement train pulling into Hama-Kawasaki yardA cement train hauled by an EF65 pulling into Hama-Kawasaki yard. A huge cement complex is nearby the yard.

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