Oigawa Railway

Japan's most popular railfan destination with steam operations and an Abt rack rail system

Along the Ikawa Line
Photo Page
By Hiroshi Naito

Ikawa line track The rugged mountain route starts from here with a fairly long tunnel.

ED90 comimg in An ED90 quietly came in from the siding. Following a hand signal instructed by the conductor, the engine was attached to the lower end of the train.

Unbalanced conbination between the train and ED90 The ED90 looks very tall in contrast to short Ikawa line stock, at Nagashima Dam station.

From the window of the mini trainThe mini train rolls down in the deep mountain.

Inside the cab car of the mini trainInside of the cab car of the mini train.

At a loop in the deep mountainA start signal at a loop. The line is signaled with a two-aspect Automatic Blocking System.

A mini train arriving in Senzu terminalA mini train arriving in Senzu terminal emerging from a dark mountain path.

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