Oigawa Railway

Japan's most popular railfan destination with steam operations and an Abt rack rail system

Along the Oigawa Main Line
Photo Page
By Hiroshi Naito

C12 hauling a trust trainC12164 in special duty hauling a trust train consisting of two of Suhafu 43s in their blue livery and Ohani 36.

Former Kintetsu M421Former Kintetsu M421 rolls up along the track closely located to the river bed.

C56-44 heads for Senzu leaving Suruga-TokuyamaC56-44 heads for Senzu leaving Suruga-Tokuyama.

EMU 312 at Suruga-TokuyamaType 312 purchased from Seibu Railway in Tokyo is pulling into Suruga-Tokuyama station.

Former Nankai MO 21000Former Nankai MO 21000 passes by the home signal of Senzu.

C5644 in backward operationC56-44 in backward operation rolls down towards Kanaya crossing a bridge hauling Oha 47 class coaches.

C12164 in backward operationC12-164 in backward operation heading for Kanaya with an Ohani 36 (baggage-coach) behind.

Semaphore at SenzuA semaphore preserved at Senzu station.

Tablet blocking machineA tablet blocking machine once in use for the Oigawa main line exhibited in the steam archive adjacent to Senzu station.

Staem Train in a tea fieldA steam train in a tea field in returning work to Kanaya.

Interia on Ohani 36Inside the Ohani 36 coach-buggage car well retains a good-old-day passenger car interior.

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