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"Photo of the Month" Archive April 2001

Hakodate tram's 715 and 723

Apart from Tokyo's remaining municipal Arakawa Line, the Hokkaido port city of Hakodate's 10.9 kms is the only 4 foot 6 inch (1372 mm) tram operation in Japan. Shown in this shot from February 1999 are 715 and 723, built in 1960 and 1961 by Niigata Engineering. They are operating on route 2 (Yachigashira-Yunokawa) and are seen near Komaba depot.
By Anthony Robins.

Kominato Testsdo (railway) Kiha 200 at Kazusa-okubo

Kominato Railway (Testsudo) Kiha 200 at Kazusa-okubo. Kominato Testudo is a private local railway which covers 39.1km from JR Goi to Kazusa-nakano situated in Boso Peninsula on the east of Tokyo.
By Kiyohito Utsunomiya, April 2000.

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