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"Photo of the Month" Archive September 2000

JR Kyushu's class 787 Tsubame

JR Kyushu's class 787 Tsubame that has been serving the Kagoshima Main Line's limited expresses since 1992 between Hakata/Fukuoka and West-Kagoshima (Tsubame), Hakata/Fukuok and Sizenji/Kumamoto (Ariake). This type was innovative with its specially designed exterior and interior. This train runs at 130 km/h with thyrister-phase-controlled DC motors under 20,000 VAC electrification.
By an anonymous JRS member, May 2000.

Impression of Kanaya

The impression of Kanaya on the Tokaiso Main Line, about 210 km west of Tokyo. This view is intact over years with double single-track tunnels just beyond the station, although rolling stock on traffic through this station is evolving.
By Hiroshi Naito, August 2000.

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