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"Photo of the Month" Archive July 2000

Series 205 of the Sagami Line

Series 205 of the Sagami Line. This EMU is a derivative of the 205 series of the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. The Sagami Line, Chigasaki on the Tokaido Main Line to Hashimoto on the Yokohama Line, used to be a diesel-rail-car operated regional line, but was electrified and modernized to a commuter line with this series EMUs in the early 1990.
By Hiroshi Naito, May 2000.

This shows Meitetsu's 'Evergreen' set at Inuyama depot, east of Inuyama Station. The name of this train reflects its livery and age. Originally introduced in 1937 in this two car formation, the 'imomushi' (another nickname meaning 'caterpillar'), was augmented by a third car in 1950 and a fourth in 1953. There were three four-car sets, which also ran in Meitetsu's maroon and cream livery, as well as the company's current characteristic red livery. After withdrawal of others in 1988, this two car set (3401+2401), now with air-conditioning, was retained and still operates special services as well as regular commuter runs.
By Anthony Robins, February 2000.

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