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"Photo of the Month" Archive April 2000

Yotei-maru, ex-JNR railway ferry

Yotei-maru, an ex-JNR railway ferry preserved at Tokyo Maritime Museum. This railway ferry boat used to serve the Aomori-Hakodate route on the Seikan Channel until the Seikan Tunnel opened in 1987. On the viaduct behind is a Yurikamome (Seagull) line train.
By Hiroshi Naito, February 2000.

Tokyu Setagaya Line tramcar type 70

1947-built tramcar of the Tokyu Electric Railway Setagaya Line that serves a 5 km route in a densly populated residential area outside downtown Tokyo. The car, type 70, is dubbed "Green Catapillar."
By Minoru Shinozaki, August 1999.

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