Bullet-In # 39

Issued:  July - September 2001


Front cover: A montage of the Shinkansen project. Top/middle: unloading 22-141 from MV Talisman at Southampton and craning aboard its transporter,14-05-2001. Photos by Chris Dickson, courtesy of National Railway Museum. Left inset: our President, Prof. Rod Smith, and his wife Yayoi pose in the hold of MV Talisman in front of 22-141, Yokohama 31-03-2001. Lower, Left: Red Happi coated Taiko drummers warm the audience at the NRM in front of a covered 22-141. Lower, Right: 22-141 unveiled, NRM Director speaking His Excellency, the Japanese Ambassador to his left. 12-07-2001. Photos by Peter Dibben.

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